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Save loads of time and money! Easily BUILD YOUR OWN 5-PAGE WEBSITE (to start with) IN 10 MINUTES with no prior experience! ADD MORE PAGES and FINISH YOUR WEBSITE IN A WEEKEND!* Try it now, FREE for 10 days-- no credit card needed! 30-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Need a powerful shopping cart? Need a professional look, fast?
Need easy-to-add-and-edit pages?

No problem.

Every business needs a website but few people understand how to create websites from scratch using CSS, HTML and FTP to upload their sites to a host.

Sound like you?

No problem!

In 10 minutes or less, with just a few clicks of your mouse, we can get your website on the Internet, ready for editing. After a few hours, you will be able to do almost anything you need to do for your website by yourself. Even if you have no prior experience! If you still need help, feel free to phone me at my home anytime between 10am to 10pm! (Once you pay for your site and email me, I will give you my number.)

PowerSuit Hosting will change your life! You will lose 5 lbs instantly and your teeth will never be whiter!

Alright, probably not. But no other website building product will save you thousands of dollars as easily as PowerSuit Hosting will.

I liken the learning curve of PowerSuit Hosting's website builder to moving to a new home: it takes you about a week or less to learn where all the light switches are but once you learn, you are flipping them on and off automatically, without thinking. The same is true for PowerSuit Hosting. Building your webpages is about as easy as finding and turning on the lights in a new home you just bought. You'll be a pro in no time at all.

What? Feel like you just can't possibly do it yourself and you just want to pay someone to do it for you? No problem! Just contact us with your ideas and we will quote you an amazing price to get you up and running in just a couple of days! lisa@pinkpowersuit.com

What can PowerSuit Hosting do for you?

Wouldn't you love to save SO much time and money by using all of the built-in features that you would otherwise be hunting down from all different sources? Here are just a few:
A powerful VeriSign-secured ($500 value) shopping cart with PayPal and Authorize.net ($450 value) integration to easily and inexpensively accept credit card payments, while keeping a beautiful running tally of all your sales, making tax time that much easier! To install your shopping cart, just click a button! It couldn't be more straight-forward!;
Thousands of stylish templates (really) to smoothly and simply launch your site OR get a custom design by professional staffed designers to brand your business for just $399, the cost that you'd normally pay other people just for a logo;
The ability to integrate your site with eBay making auction listing an easy-breezy process, giving you more sales and more traffic to your website;
A message board to drive traffic to your website by giving customers a reason to come back repeatedly;
A built-in newsletter subscriber managing center, to easily send offers to your client base, with email newsletters being the least expensive and most effective marketing tool you can use;
Built in e-book downloader so that you can generate 100% pure profit income while you sleep;
2 text editors and 1 editor that allows you to quickly embed Javascript and HTML images right into your page with just copy, paste and save;
Add professional photos to your site FREE, right through your own built-in photo album (instead of paying at photo stock sites), enhancing your professional image;
Affiliate tracking to get other people to market your website for you, creating brand awareness and customers effortlessly;
Get your own domain name easily, without having to waste time with figuring out name server transfers-- PowerSuit Hosting does it automatically for you!

If you were to HIRE someone to do all this for you, it would be hundreds to thousands of dollars!!

Industry standard pricing just for a logo is between $400-700! If you get a deal from very reasonably priced WAHM designers, you'll still pay about $200!

Have you ever tried to install a shopping cart? What a headache! And expensive!

It's up to you what you want to save. You can pay per month, per half year or for the whole year. Here's the breakdown:

If that weren't enough of a great deal, consider what these incredible freebies could do for your business success:
FREE $60 credit with Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture) pay-per-click ads
FREE $50 credit towards Shopping.com merchant program
FREE $50 credit towards Google Adwords pay-per-click ads
FREE $50 credit towards Findology pay-per-click ads
FREE $50 credit towards pay-per-click listings at Shopzilla
FREE 90 day trial of Submitnet search engine optimization
FREE 60 day trial at Constant Contact for email newsletters
500 free credits at Vertical Response for email newsletters
Searchfeed Set-up $149 fee waived
20% off at QuickBanner

Best of all, you can try PowerSuit Hosting FREE for 10 days!! If you like what you see or need to sample it longer, just pay for the month and if after 30 days, you do not feel that PowerSuit Hosting is right for you, you will get a full refund, no questions asked! If you love it, pay for the year with one easy payment and save 15%!

While PowerSuit Hosting serves more than only Work-At-Home-Moms, here's what a few WAHMs had to say about its ease!

"As long as you aren't afraid to click buttons, PowerSuit Hosting is super-easy. With no experience at all, I was able to set up my e-book on my website. My template is adorable and I never thought I'd have my own website! It's so much fun!!" -Rosilyn Olsen, Infopreneur

"I was very impressed with the ease of creating with PowerSuit Hosting. As a person that has never set up a website, I was quite amazed how easy it really can be! If I did have a question there were answers available. Overall I would give it an A+!"
-Tammy De Wit, Direct Sales

"Going onto the web is really intimidating and going through this process was really comforting to know that it was that easy. I built a professional looking website by myself that offers everything I need. It was a relief to find this."
-Kimberly Boychuk, Professional Artist

"As soon as I logged in, I immediately was able to use it, make changes and it was dummy-proof. Adding products was incredibly easy and there was no more losing control of my inventory."
-Cheryl Jamieson, Product Innovator and Entrepreneur

So, you've got nothing to lose! Just try it and start realizing today your dreams of having a home business! With PinkPowerSuit.com and PowerSuit Hosting's extensive Knowledge Base, it will be like being guided by a good friend, every step of the way!

My sincerest wishes for your work-at-home business success,


Lisa Adkins

Oh, and don't forget to get your personalized domain name here: www.godaddy.com
*The average PowerSuit Hosting website was completed in a weekend. Yours may be different. Every website needs occasional improvements to stay current and competitive.
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